Sonal Akkara

Sonal Akkara


As its always been with us women, I had taken my health for granted for a fairly long time. When I say health, I mean everything: the food I put in my mouth, exercise routine, mental health and the wholistic outlook towards life. I used to love running hence only exercise was taken care of…..but for the rest, I was blissfully unaware that I could do something….until I needed to. I came to know about my PCOS two years after my baby but I refused to take pills and used to fight it with my running routine. Only reason I refused pills was for the fear of sideeffects they had but fighting it with only exercise and the famously prescribed diets was only suppressing the symptoms. It wasn’t until I met Dr Disha that I came to know there was a solution to a problem I hadn’t even acknowledged existed. And the solution meant reversing the process and eliminating it from its root. Modern medicine isn’t so modern that way... And Dr Disha showed me how.

I am a Pilot by profession, and annual medical checkups, or rather the fear of it keeps us as a clan, health conscious. Though I put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and it took time to loose it, I was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis meanwhile, which went away mostly after I lost the weight. But off and on the bilirubin used to fall off the margin, and I used to blame it on dehydration due to running. My periods were always on time….never felt PCOS was getting to me until Disha saw me (she was my neighbor) and told me that the breakouts on my face were gathered around my chin and jawline which was a clear indication of a hormonal problem. I had rosacea since I was 24 and used to blame it for my breakouts.

I deep dived into it and took on the beginners course with Dr Disha. I was amazed!!!! THIS PROGRAM SINGLE HANDEDLY EDUCATED ME ON THE CORRICULUM OF MY OWN BODY.The amount of introspection the course gave me, made me firstly acknowledge what my problem was and helped me navigate the path to wholistic health. I used to be somebody who would take guidance from the “experts” until Dr Disha made me one through this course. We as humans work with the cohesive functioning of all our our organs. Needless to say then that only targeting one illness doesn’t heal the entire body. It was only through this course that I found the cohesive cure to my problems of PCOS, Rosecea, liver Cirrhosis, Tendency to weight gain and restoring the point of stability of my weight, and my general tardiness and sinosidal levels of enthusiasm which were unpredictable so far. The diets aren’t told like a standard diet plan….you need to and get to decide what your body needs. The breathing exercises or meditation shall be your own calling and the benefits you reap from them makes you believe in yourself all over again. This course has given immense amount of confidence to my inner voice…something that me and the society at large had always suppressed. That inner voice is a very strong being and I’m happy to have found her again thanks to Dr Disha. This program freed my mind from cultural conditioning,toxic environment and detrimental lifestyle. In a few months, my PMS vanished and an amazing sense if peace and calm filled my entire being. My skin cleared up and all the acne and rosacea disappeared!

A word about Dr Disha….though we are about the same age, she was my agony aunt!! And still is  Her responses were timely and prompt. Its important to know someone is handholding you through your journey of self discovery!!

I’m still six to eight months from completing the entire process, and shall be able to publish the benefits in due course of time. Until then best wishes to me and to congratulations to you in having found this site….I’m very sure you will choose wisely in favour of your health. It is each and every women's responsibility to become familiar with the science of her body and menstrual cycle! The whole of woman- kind deserves to be Happy!!

Happy Healthy life to you!!

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