Snehal Sunagar

Snehal Sunagar


I had bad PMS, anxiety , irregular periods, PCOS, 4 miscarriages and 2 failed IVF. After doing true healing program I got pregnant Naturally.

I’m very happy to post a positive review for Dr. Disha Sridhar who helped me to conceive naturally and help to heal my body from core....

We met Dr Disha 3 years back. I had severe hormonal imbalance at that time, Dr Disha helped me to balance my hormones mainly through food, gut healing, lifestyle changes and managing stress. Dr Disha is very practical and a very good mentor... She always says food is medicine which is very true...After 2 years into truehealing ...I got pregnant naturally...I delivered twins on March 2018...Because of monochorionic, twin pregancy was little complicated. Throughout the pregnancy she stood behind me like a mother...She made my pregnancy very easy ....and I got my two beautiful angels

Thanks to Dr Disha who made our dream come true.

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