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Before getting enrolled in the TruHealing program, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and felt tired, homocysterine level was high, and had pre-diabetic range blood reports.

After joining the TruHealing program under guidance of Dr.Disha , I could see lot of improvement in myself like able to reduce weight naturally by following a healthy diet. At the same time, thyroid, homocysterine, etc. was also under control which made me more energetic and gave me a feeling òf being healthy.

I was able to conceive naturally before completion of the program in around 3 months into the program..I had an uncomplicated healthy pregnancy where I was able to continue my office along with household chores until the 3rd trimester under Dr. Disha's special care.

I am blessed with a healthy beautiful baby.I was able to produce enough milk, started to loose weight immediately after delivery along with a great baby blues!! It is possible to heal the hormone imbalances and have a beautiful pregnancy and healthy baby. I am sharing my experience to inspire other ladies who may be struggling with such issues but don't know where to go. TruHealing is the way to go.

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