5 Years ago I suffered a mid trimester (5th month) miscarriage in my first pregnancy. I was devastated by this loss and had no clue why I lost my baby. Upon Dr. Disha's suggestion conducted APLA blood test which came out positive twice. APLA is known to be linked with multiple miscarriages in women. During my second pregnancy I had to take heparin shots twice a day for a good part of my pregnancy.

It was very painful and stressful as I was not sure about the outcome. However with help from Dr. Disha I delivered a healthy baby boy. But I was always feeling tired, body pain and poor appetite. I continued with this ailment for few years then Dr. Disha explained me about the holistic TruHealing program which help to revive normal body functions and expel harmful toxins out of your body. I followed all the guidelines from Dr. Disha and took the suggested health supplements.

After a year I could very well tell the difference, I no longer feel tired or body pain. People compliment my skin. And most of all I was able to deliver a second baby without any Heparin injections or other drugs. Truhealing doesn't work overnight, you need to commit yourelf to living a disciplined life and avoid junk foods and chemical laced cosmetics.

I personally thank Dr. Disha for showing me a better way to lead a happy and healthy balanced life...I strongly recommend that if anyone has period problem or has suffered pregnancy complications, you must consult Dr.Disha. It is possible to heal the body and have a healthy baby..

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