Dear Dr. Disha, Words are few if you ask me to give a feedback about Truhealing program.

I recollect the day, I met you in motherhood. My meeting you was not a coincidence, but a result of the entire universe conspiring to lead me to the right door. I got to know about you through a very far acquaintance, one whom i have never met till date.

I was dejected, frustrated with my health and there was a deep need in me to understand the cause of my health, the repititive patterns etc....

It was through Truhealing program, that i was able to understand the importance of eating right and the effect it has on one's health. A year and a half now, the guidance i received, and the slow but steady improvement I see in my health is all a Big Thanks to You. I could clearly see a change in my skin complexion. Infact more than me, my friends and colleagues had noticed first a change in the texture and it is then that i realised the effect of eating good food is showing results.

During the course of treatment, you had clearly mentioned that since my Fibroids are huge, you cannot guarantee the complete shrinking of the same. Well though my fibroids did not shrink completely, a scan done after a year of treatment showed that they have shrunk a little and no more new fibroids have grown in.

I could also see a visible change in my sleep patterns. There was a visible change in my productivity and energy levels, because i had started eating food at regular intervals and at the correct time.

Had i not met you, I dont think i would have opted for any other alternate healing methodology. You are the only medical doctor whom I have so far met, who has repeatedly mentioned about "Food being our medicine" and not supplements. I must say this phrase of yours has been internalised by me .

Whenever I meet my friends or any acquaintance who are going through difficult gynecology issues, without thinking twice, i do keep recommend your name and program and will continue to do so.

A big thank you to God Almighty, for leading me to you and with deep gratitude in my heart I wish you and your Truhealing program, All The Very Best!! May you continue to touch and heal lives. You can definitely refer my testimonial to any of your clients and I will be more than happy to share my experience with them.

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