Dr Stuti Manhota

Dr Stuti Manhota


This is Dr. Stuti Manota, MDS Orthodontics. I would like to share my journey with truhealing.

For about two years, I had been facing certain issues like acne and dull skin, eczema, hair fall, fatigue, lower back pain, irregular periods and many more and I had been addressing these individually. Like topical steroids for eczema, vitamin B12 shots for fatigue, pills for periods etc etc. But deep down I knew this was not the solution. I just kept changing the doctors until I finally read about Dr. Disha online and I knew then and there that my search ends here.

Dr. Disha believes in eliminating the cause of the problem! My anti TPO levels were high indicating that I have an autoimmune disorder ( where our own antibodies attack our cells) and that has been the cause of all the imbalance in the body. So I joined the program and followed all the dietary changes and have been doing the detox. I am still under the program and have got back my periods naturally. My skin is improving. Hair is improving. The whole body is regaining the balance. Not only this, Dr. Disha insists on a complete level healing even at the emotional level! She has been thoroughly supportive throughout the process and has been motivating me ever since! Thank you Dr. Disha! It is true when you said that if we really want something, the whole universe will work it’s way out to make it happen!!!

So whatever be the issue, believe in the intelligence that our own body has and TRUHEALING is here to guide us through it!

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