Dr Hema, BDS

Dr Hema (BDS)


I amDr. Hema, I am a Dentist. I would like to share how I got benefitted with the Natural way of healing from Dr.Disha. In 2013 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and underwent laparoscopy for endometriosis but with in 2 to 3 months pain persisted. In that moment we met Dr.Disha and she has asked me to do some blood tests and confirmed the root cause as I have developed autoimmune disorder. After that she has explained us about natural healing and also she said it ll take time for complete healing.Some how by God’s grace we trusted what she said and started treating naturally. Initially for few months my health symptoms went up and down but she had said it is as expected. Slowly I have started seeing improvement and endometriosis pain reduced.

Parallely my psoriasis is also reduced. By the grace of God and with support of my husband , we started following Dr.Disha's advice. Parallelly we are planning for pregnancy but even after one year we didnt see anything. We were little upset but our trust is in the lord Jesus and the way he took me to Dr.Disha.Miraculously by God’s grace I have conceived naturally. I would like to highlht that Dr.Disha has never suggested any powerful drugs she has always prescribed good diet , vitamins and lifestyle changes.She has encouraged me positively and taken care of me and my baby during the entire time of my pregnancy.

I want to conclude that Jesus has given us a baby but Dr.Disha's treatment helped us a lot to reach that. Glory to Jesus and Thanks to Dr.Disha.

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