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I came across TruHealing website, during recovery time of myomectomy. I have had a history of multiple surgeries starting from 15 years of age and my body was aggressively becoming estrogen dominant with every passing year. All the doctors had only one answer to my health issues.. "We don't know why and we cannot do anything about it." Even worse.. "we shall do an other surgery if it comes again". Over past couple of years I had resorted to fertility drugs to tackle with unexplained infertility, given the assurance that these drugs have no side effects. Doctors were not willing to admit the subtle signs of side effects my body was trying to show. In fact, all my surgeons never even acknowledged that a surgery comes with a huge toll on a body. But I could clearly see how I was dragging to recovery after my last surgery and was determined to do anything to avoid an other surgical episode in my life. That's when I came in touch with the doctor which indeed was a blessing.

Unlike any other doctor I have met, she clearly root caused my health issues to compromised digestion issues from birth and toxic overload. She also told me how I weakened and poisoned my body every time I dealt with the pain/tumor with drugs. Although, I couldn't understand the extent of damage made to my health stated by her, due to the lack of extreme symptoms we are commonly aware of, I went ahead and signed up for the program. Within a week into the program,the lingering knee pain that crept in post surgery went away. The knee pain was uncomfortable and it just stuck for months despite rest,physiotherapy and medicines. However, the detox effect also surfaced my hidden digestive issues which were scary. Anxious, I took a break and tried to resolve them on my own through rest and food with the help of family. My family even took me to doctors, who as usual said everything is fine, just eat well.

Came back to Dr.Disha, and she patiently explained what is happening with my body and suggested the plan going forward. Like she promised all my pains and suffering went away within 2 months into her program, although my complete healing is still underway and would take time.

Dr.Disha's knowledge in human physiology is amazing and she is expert at catching the earliest symptoms of imbalance and bringing them to balance. She believes in healing the root cause and not just mask symptoms with pills.She strongly believes in Food is medicine.

In my experience, healing takes time, patience, perseverance and above all you need to keep faith in it. All this is not possible without the continuous support from your doctor and your dear ones. Dr.Disha has given me a new life in terms of eating, thinking and living the right way. She is talented, compassionate and hard working Doctor and is truly an inspiration. May her tribe rise and I wish every member of TruHealing program a Happy Healing!!.."


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