Evalute My Health


Just For Ladies

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Q # 1. Is your menstruation irregular or delayed, i.e. is your menstrual cycle every 35 days or more?

Q # 2. Do you have heavy or painful menstruation?

Q # 3. Do you get excessive bleeding during menstruation?

Q # 4. Do you experience PMS or mood changes before your periods or cyclical headaches (particularly menstrual or hormonal migraines)?

Q # 5. Do you have or have you ever had a yeast infection?

Q # 6. Do you have or have you ever had ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids and endometriosis or A-typical cells?

Q # 7. Do you get sore breasts, especially during menstruation?

Q # 8. Do you experience tiredness or a low sex drive?

Q # 9. Have you ever had a dilation and curettage procedure?

Q # 10. Have you ever had a miscarriage?

Q # 11. Have you ever experienced difficulty in conceiving children?

Q # 12. Have you ever been on Birth Control Pills?

Q # 13. Have you ever experienced brain fog or difficulty in concentrating?

Q # 14. Have you ever experienced cold hands and feet? Do you wear socks to bed?

Q # 15. Are you constipated often (poop less than once per day without caffeine to trigger)?

Q # 16. Have you ever been told that your blood pressure is low or do you get dizzy when standing up suddenly after lying down or being seated (also known as postural hypotension)?

Q # 17. Have you had trouble losing weight or does your metabolism feel slower than everyone else around you?

Q # 18. Do you have excess hair on your face, chest or arms?

Q # 19. Are you experiencing or have ever experienced thinning hair on your scalp?

Q # 20. Are you prone to acne?

Q # 21. Have you ever experienced discoloration of your armpits (darker and thicker than your normal skin)?